Bagni arcobaleno

The Teatro Alfieri of Asti will present this new show on 22nd of October 2021

Sconfinando Tour

«Sconfinando» is a musical itinerary that begins with Giorgio Conte’s track from 1968 «Deborah», performed by Mina and F. Leali. The voyage continues with his reinterpretation of some of his best old tracks (written for other artists such as Ornella Vanoni, the Clan Celentano, Equipe 84, Loretta Goggi, Rossana Casale and Francesco Baccini, amidst many others) and rearranged for a symphony orchestra, as well as of some unreleased tracks from his vast author’s repertoire. It is a journey through his own musical masterpieces that go way beyond fashion, flavoured with anecdotes and stories that confirm Giorgio Conte as an international artist (more than 25 years on Italian, Swiss, French, Austrian, German, Dutch, Spanish and Canadian stages and 13 albums of distinctive style). He moves, involves and makes his audience active player of his shows. The press has described him as «a humourist that knows how to move and an intellectual that winks to ordinary people». His motto «…and I continue to lead my life tasting everything» says a lot, if not everything, about him.

The tour has as first venue the Auditorium Parco della Musica (Music Park Auditorium) in Rome followed by several Italian cities, such as Milan, Parma, Albenga (Ottobre De Andrè), Asti, Ivrea, Alghero (for the Catalan festival Barnasants), Ferrara, Saluzzo, clubs and town squares, Perugia (Alkemica Festival) and Rende (Settembre rendese). Sconfinando landed also in other European countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France (Café de la danse, in Paris).

On stage with Giorgio Conte (voice and guitar):

  • Alessandro Nidi (piano)
  • Alberto Parone (drums and vocal bass)
  • Bati Bertolio (accordion and vibrandoneon)

Wherever possible, the Quintetto Duchessa di Parma may be added
(two violins, one viola, one cello and one woodwind multi-instrumentalist).

Giorgio Conte 2014 cascina Piovanotto


«Cascina Piovanotto» is Giorgio Conte’s current show just as his latest album (produced by Ala Bianca). But first of all, it is what his home, in the country side of Asti (Piedmont), is called.

A mixture of songs from his large repertoire (as an author for other singers and as a chansonnier) «seasoned» with anecdotes and gags that involve the audience, moving it and making it laugh, whistle and sing with him. Coloured, from the beginning to the end, with the class, the irony, the thoughtlessness and drive for life that have always distinguished him; a true actor who knows how to transform a concert in a unique and unforgettable event.

And together with him, two great musicians:

    • Bati Bertolio – accordion, piano, Hammond and vibrandoneon
  • Alberto Parone – drums and vocal bass, only drummer (at least in Italy, if not in the world) to form the rhythmic session, simultaneously playing the drums and a vocal bass.