Giorgio Conte 2014 cascina Piovanotto


“Cascina Piovanotto” is Giorgio Conte’s current show just as his latest album (produced by Ala Bianca). But first of all, it is what his home, in the country side of Asti (Piedmont), is called.

A mixture of songs from his large repertoire (as an author for other singers and as a chansonnier) “seasoned” with anecdotes and gags that involve the audience, moving it and making it laugh, whistle and sing with him. Coloured, from the beginning to the end, with the class, the irony, the thoughtlessness and drive for life that have always distinguished him; a true actor who knows how to transform a concert in a unique and unforgettable event.

And together with him, two great musicians: 

  • Bati Bertolio – accordion, piano, Hammond and vibrandoneon
  • Alberto Parone – drums and vocal bass, only drummer (at least in Italy, if not in the world) to form the rhythmic session, simultaneously playing the drums and a vocal bass.