In his youth, he joins law studies with his passion for jazz, pop music and the chanson française that he inherited from his parents. A passion shared with his brother Paolo, which brought them to an artistic association that lead them to their first music groups and the most decisive contact with the Clan Celentano, the composition of famous tracks such as « Una giornata al mare » that Équipe84 made famous and that was later interpreted by several singers.

When their roads separate, Giorgio continues his activity as an author and composer for other Italian singers such as Mina, Ornella Vanoni (« La discesa e poi il mare » and « Cose che si dicono »), Fausto Leali (« Deborah », interpreted also by Mina), Rosanna Fratello (« Non sono Maddalena »), Loretta Goggi (« Fuori ci sono i lupi »), Francesco Baccini (« La giostra di Bastian »), for whom he is also the artistic producer of his first album, as well as for international singers such as Mireille Mathieu and Wilson Pickett.

Besides his work at the law firm, he dedicates time to theatre (touring with Bruno Gambarotta) and collaborates with several radio programs (« Quelli che la radio… » Radio due-RAI with Enrico Bertolino and Giorgio Comaschi).

« Zona Cesarini » (1982) is his first album. Then « L’erba di San Pietro » (1987) and « Giorgio Conte » (1993). The crucial moment arrives: after his participation at the Tenco Prize, he decides to leave behind his career as a lawyer to devote himself solely to music. His success starts abroad as he tours across Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Canada where the response of the audience as well as of the critics was very overwhelming. He then decides to publish his album « La vita fosse » (1997) only in those countries. His album « Concerto », is recorded live in a medieval castle of the Swiss town Yverdon-les-Bains (Polygram Records). In 1999, he publishes also in Italy the album « Eccomi qua ». In 2000, the album « L’ambasciatore dei sogni » is released; and in 2003 « Il Contestorie » (containing also a book with his short stories).

2006 – His track « Gnè gnè » (album « Contestorie » and the Putumayo compilation « Italian Café », with almost nine hundred thousand streams on Spotify) is used by the world-famous choreographer and classical dancer Michail Barysnikov for a performance in New York (

2010 – With his very personal interpretation of Luigi Tenco’s « La mia valle », he participates in the double album « Luigi Tenco, inediti », published by Ala Bianca.

2011 – Publication of his album « C.Q.F.P. » (Come Quando Fuori Piove) – Ala Bianca/Warner. He is main guest of various radio shows such as « Radio 2 Social Club » (RAI 2) by L. Barbarossa, « Dr. Djembè » (RAI 3) by Stefano Bollani and David Riondino, « Start » (RAI 1), « Isoradio » (RAI) and « La guardiana del faro » by Barbara Alberti (Radio24), and « Moby Dick » (RSI-Rete2), in Swizerland. He is also the sole Italian artist invited to the celebration of La Diada Nacional de Catalunya, in Barcelona (live on Spanish TV).

Between 2012 and 2013 – He is again a guest of radio shows such as « Effetto Notte » (RAI 2) and « Compagni di viaggio » (Radio24), and of some television shows such as « Wikitaly » (RAI 2) by Enrico Bertolino and Miriam Leone. Additionally, he participates at the prestigious Catalan Festival Barnasants in Barcelona.

2014 – Publication of the album « Cascina Piovanotto » (Ala Bianca/Warner), with 12 tracks expressing his thoughts, feelings, emotions and experience.

2015 and 2016 – He continues with a very successful live activity in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

2017 – « Sconfinando » is his thirteenth album (distributed by Warner) that he records with the « Duchessa di Parma » Symphony Orchestra with as artistic producer Alessandro Nidi and executive producer Toni Verona (Ala Bianca). The album includes old tracks rearranged for a symphony orchestra, as well as some unreleased tracks. The cover was designed by Ugo Nespolo ( The tour has as first venue the Auditorium Parco della Musica (Music Park Auditorium) in Rome followed by several Italian cities, such as Milan, Parma, Albenga (Ottobre De Andrè), Asti, Locarno (Switzerland), and some town squares of cities such as Modena, Pavia, Castel Rocchero (« Castel Rocchero in lume ») and the Festival delle Serre of Cerisano. « Sconfinando » reaches also the stages of other European countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France (Café de la danse, in Paris).

2018 – His track « Questo vivere » (one of « Sconfinando »’s unreleased songs) is used for the soundtrack of Nuzo and Di Biase’s film « Vengo anch’io » (Warner distribution). Fun Radio (Slovak network) releases a video with the « Contestorie » version of his track « Gnè gnè » with the participation of the public: (

2019 and 2020 – His live activity continues in Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Spain; and it will restart in 2021 with a whole new show about his long artistic career.

2021 – On March 18th, the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, says via Twitter that the symphonic version of the track « Stringimi forte », from the album « Sconfinando » (October 2017), will be used (as well as the track’s video for the institutional spot announcing the official opening of the artistic activities in Italy.

Apart from his albums, duos of this tracks with Ornella Vanoni, Elio (Storie Tese), Loretta Goggi and Rossana Casale, and the compilation « Italian Café » distributed all over the world are added to his vast repertoire.

Words for him are important not only for they are the «tools» of the songwriter’s profession but mainly because they are the « instruments » of his playful nature and of his sagacious lightness. The press has described him as «a humourist that knows how to move and an intellectual that winks to ordinary people».

Giorgio is an artist, a storyteller and an interpreter who moves, involves and makes his audience active player of his shows.

His motto « … e continuo la mia via al gusto di tutto… » («…and I continue to lead my life tasting everything») says a lot, if not everything, about him.

Eclectic artist, Giorgio has other vocations: in 2012 he painted with his drawings one of 12 giant bottles (2.5m) which were used for the exhibition « Bottiglie d’autore ». He’s also an actor, he’s the main character of the documentary film « Più in alto delle nuvole », directed by Fredo Valla (the story of the first flight across the Alps by Géo Chávez to whom Giorgio dedicated the song « Géo », from the album « C.Q.F.P. »), and written by Carlo Grande, a journalist at La Stampa. The film’s première took place in February 2016 in Italy and France. It was invited to Bansko Film Fest (Bucarest) in 2015 and to the Trieste Film Festival in 2016, and was shown at the Cinema Massimo of Turin. Giorgio is also a writer with 4 books published: « Il Contestorie » accompanying the « Il Contestorie » CD (2003, Storie di Note), « Sfogliar verze » for which he will obtain the Literary Prize « L’intruso » in Costa Smeralda, (2007, Excelsior1881), « Un trattore arancio » (2011, Cairo Editore), and « Lepre al civet » (2018, Slow Food Editore).