In his youth, he joins law studies with the passion for the jazz, pop music and french song (chanson française) inherited by his parents.
A passion shared with his brother Paolo, which brought them in an artistic association with their first music groups and also reaching the Celentano’s team.

When their roads separate, Giorgio continue his author activity for italian interpreters (like Mina, Ornella Vanoni, Fausto Leali, Rosanna Fratello, Loretta Goggi, Francesco Baccini, in which he i salso the artistic producer of his first album) and also international (like Mireille Mathieu e Wilson Pickett).

While he works at the legal studio, he dedicates his time to work at the theatre (with Bruno Gambarotta) and also has a collaboration with differents radio programs (“Quelli che la radio…”).

In 1993 after his partecipation at the Tenco Awards, he decides to leave his job to dedicate himselft to the music.

In Austria, Svizzera, Germania, Francia, Belgio, Olanda, Spagna e Canada he got a massive success with public and critics, so he decides to publish he new album “La vita fosse” in 1997 only in those countries.
That album will be followed by another one “Concerto” in collaboration with Polygram Records, live recorded in a medieval castle in Yverdon-les-Bains and in 1999 his album “Eccomi Qua” reach the italian country.
In 2001 arrive “L’ambasciatore dei sogni” and in 2003 “Il Contestorie” (which contains his new book about his stories), continuing, in the meantime, his live activity in Italy and abroad.

In 2006 Mikhail Baryshnikov (Misha), a famous choreographer and dancer used his track “Gné gné” for a performance in New York.

In 2010 he re-interpreted “La Mia Valle” of Luigi Tengo in his collection “Luigi Tenco, Inediti”.

In 2011 he album “C.Q.F.P.” (Come Quando Fuori Piove) is published by AlaBianca/warner.
He is the main guest of various radio and tv transmission like “Radio2 Social Club” (by L. Barbarossa), “Dr Djembè”, Rai3( by Stefano Bollani e David Riondino), “Start”, Rai1, “Isoradio”, “La guardiana del faro”, Radio24 (by Barbara Alberti), “Moby Dick”, su RSI rete2, Svizzera.

In 2012/2013 he’s again a guest star in radio transmissions like “Effetto Notte”, Radio2Rai; “Compagni di viaggio”, Radio24 ed in tv:’Wikitaly’, RAI2 (by Enrico Bertolino e Miriam Leone); In March 2012 he is invited at prestigious Festival Barnasants in Barcellona (in 2011 he was already invited at the National Day of Catalonia).

In 2014 he released “2014, Cascina Piovanotto” produced by AlaBianca/Warner with 12 tracks which were a concentrate about his thoughts, emotions and his life.

In 2015/2016, he continued his live tour in Italy, Austria, Switzerlard and Germany.

In 2017, his 13th album “Sconfinando” were released and produced by AlaBianca/Warner, recorded with the Symphony Orchestra “Duchessa di Parma” with the artistic production of Alessandro Nidi.
In this album we can find his best tracks revised with the Symphony Orchestra and also some new unreleased tracks with the Ugo Nespolo’s cover.
Sconfinando came with his new tour, starting on the 6 October 2017 at the Teatro Studio Borgna dell’Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome and of course to continue in other theatres in Italy and abroad.

Eclectic artist, Giorgio has other vocations: in 2012 he painted with his drawings one of 12 giant bottles (2.5m) which were used for the exhibition “Bottiglie d’autore”; He’s also an actor, he’s the main character of the docufilm “Più in alto delle nuvole” of Fredo Valla (is the story of the first flight in the Alps by Geo Chavez in which Giorgio dedicated his song “Geo”, C.Q.F.P.). written by the La Stampa journalist’s Carlo Grande.
The soundtrack partecipated at the Bansko Film Fest of Bucarest, at the Trieste Film Festival and the docufilm was showed at the Cinema Massimo of Torino (the Museum Cinema Venue);
He’s also a writer with 3 books published: “Il Contestorie” combined with the homonym album (2003, Storie di Note), “Sfogliar verze” in which he will obtain the Literary Prize “L’intruso” in Costa Smeralda, (2007, Excelsior1881)  and the last “Un trattore arancio” (2011, Cairo Editore).